Bioinformatics use computer to accelerate data mining from biological resources. Data bases cover all the information that focus on Genome (DNA), Transcriptome (RNA), Proteome (protein), Interactome (P-P), Metabolome, and Signal Pathway. The development of sophisticated instruments, used for genome sequencing and protein characterisation, is increasing the storage of millions of gigabits of numeric biological information. Nowadays, manual verifications of data have been long gone. Informatics are a prime tool to access data. However, users must learn about computing. Fortunately, there is a panoply of free bioinformatic programs available on the web. You just need to look up what you want. We recommend using GNU/LINUX distribution for a better satisfaction.
We are pleased to provide online education and training in Bioinformatics. The first level is an overview of GNU/Linux distribution and its use on Bioinformatics (command shell, regular expression, data mining). The second level focus on Structural Bioinformatics: From protein sequence alignment concept to protein structure featuring. See "Courses" from Menu bar for more details. You can use invited session, username "invité", password"invité".